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Do you need to build a more flexible workforce? Have critical positions to fill? Are you looking for ways to reduce hiring risks? Flex Legal Staffing can provide the resources and service you need. As experts in both the local labor market and the unique challenges of conducting business in Miami, we can be a true partner in your success.
Temporary 'On Demand' Staffing

Most law firms and corporate legal departments do not have the ability to quickly find, hire and onboard top legal talent on a temporary basis, but Flex Legal does! Call on Flex Legal to provide fast, reliable, and guaranteed temporary staffing solutions to supplement your existing workforce (i.e., cover employee sickness, vacation, maternity, etc.), staff to peak workloads, and optimally staff a project. As legal professionals, we’ve been there and understand the nuances that are unique to staffing legal professionals on a temporary basis.
Our deep penetration into the legal talent pool provides you immediate access to top-grade
attorneys, paralegals, legal secretaries, receptionists, and all other administrative positions who are ready to hit the ground running. Call one of recruiting specialists to help craft a cost-effective, custom-built temporary staffing short term or long term solution and to learn all the advantages that temporary staffing provides.

Temp to Hire 'Try Before You Buy' Staffing Solutions

“Hire slow and fire fast” has been a hallmark of human resource and business management gurus for decades. Our temp-to-hire staffing solution allows you to properly evaluate whether a potential hire is a good fit for the job for the long haul –while the employee remains on Flex Legal’s payroll. The employee also has an equal opportunity to determine if the position is a good long-term fit. After a pre-determined period –the worker will automatically convert to your payroll. If you decide the fit is right sooner than the prescribed period, then you can convert the employee to your payroll sooner. Temp to hire offers a popular, low-risk, and flexible staffing solution! Our Flex Legal team is ready to discuss with you our temp-to-hire program!

Direct Hire and Recruiting

Recruiting top-grade legal talent is a constant, never-ending, and full-time job. At Flex Legal we are always sourcing, recruiting, networking, seeking referrals, and advertising for the most talented legal professionals in the marketplace. This ensures an available and deep legal talent pool for you to tap into when you call upon Flex Legal to fill a direct-hire position. We place practice groups, lateral partners, associates, in-house legal, paralegals, legal secretaries, and all other legal professional and administrative staff. Since we already have deep roots in the legal community–and an ever-growing database– we have a head start on presenting you with the finest legal talent compared to other recruiting firms. Rather than bombard you with a bunch of resumes that don’t match your needs, our confidential and highly selective recruiting methods provide you only with viable candidates that meet your hiring criteria. If you want to reduce the time, expense, and effort it takes you to advertise, screen resumes, identify and interview candidates then Flex Legal is your solution! We guarantee our placements! Call Flex Legal today so we can undertake a targeted search for your next hire!


Document Review and Electronic Discovery has traditionally been expensive and has been a huge drain on law firm litigation budgets. The whole process is complicated by the fact that many different vendors are handling different pieces of the puzzle.

Flex Legal Staffing’s specialty always has been providing top notch, skilled legal candidates to law firms. Our temporary staffing division has a significant database of trained, highly skilled attorneys and other coders available to assist with your projects. There is a significant cost savings associated with this service – by charging temporary staff reduced rates, you and your clients will save money when compared to the higher hourly bill rates charged by your employees. As an added benefit, your litigators are free to focus on the higher level issues in the case rather than base level document review.

Our contract attorneys are licensed and in good standing – a significant differentiator between us and our competition. Our contract attorneys and non-attorneys are all experienced in a variety of review and analysis tools. We meet and carefully screen each attorney in our database. With our understanding of the legal community and years of experience, we can provide the ideal candidate, literally, overnight.

Because of our expertise and longevity in the marketplace, we know the best contract lawyers and therefore, have minimal turnover on our projects. The services we offer include:

  • Processing electronic data so that it can be loaded into the review platform of your choice.
  • Scanning and basic coding of physical documents received.
  • We work with Clearwell, Relativity and many other platforms
  • Our project managers make sure documents are loaded properly.
  • Our Attorney coding staff can be located on site or off site. Use the coders for as long as you need them.
  • We can provide several levels of coding, from experienced attorneys with several years of legal background to 1st year attorneys or non-attorneys to do a first pass review.

Put our experience to work for you – optimize your efficiencies and minimize your costs.

For Temporary/Contract Employees

If you are not satisfied with a Flex Legal temporary/contract employee within the first 4 hours of an assignment, notify us before the end of the 4 hour period. We will remove the employee immediately and you will not be charged for the time the temporary/contract employee worked.

For Permanent Placement Employees

Depending on the type of position Flex Legal offers either a 90 or 180 day pro rated money back guarantee on our direct hire placements. For example, if the guarantee period is the first 180 days of employment and the candidate’s employment ends in say 28 days, you will receive a 1/6 refund for each full month remaining within the guarantee period. In our example you would be entitled to a refund our firm credit in the amount of 4/6 of the fee. Some conditions apply.


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K.C., Administrative Assistant Candidate

'Thank you so much for your assistance. The position is a perfect fit. I can't thank you enough.'

A.Y., Paralegal Candidate

'Other agencies should take your lead. You made this easy.'

N.G.,Paralegal Candidate

'I really like your firm and how you treat job seekers. I would recommend anyone to your office. Any candidate would be very fortunate to have you in their corner.'

I.k., Partner Client

'My partner and I were super pleased with everything Maria and Brian did to make this an easy process. We were both super happy with Flex Legal Staffing.'

S.W., Candidate

'Thank you I very much appreciate all that you have done. You are great! '

R.R., Candidate

'Flex Legal is the most professional and reliable staffing company I have ever been associated with. The whole process with Flex Legal from first contact to receiving the call about my new job offer was seamless and very smooth. 

I will recommend them to all my colleagues present and future.'

N.V., Candidate

'Thank you so much Maria and Brian for being the best at helping me find a great opportunity. I absolutely loved working with you both.'

Dana J., Client

'Maria and Brian are great to work with. They are responsive and send me qualified candidates.'

William K., Candidate

My experience was fantastic. Christopher was a phenomenal communicator and was able to provide effective advice as well as gather the proper information that presented me as a solid candidate with the firm I interviewed with. I felt truly prepped and honestly wouldn’t have killed the interview without his service. If he is typical of what your team can offer to prospective applicants then I can confidently promote your team to anyone in need of your services. Please let me know what else I can do to help make sure he gets the recognition he deserves.

Luana M., Candidate

Chris Brazis was very helpful in placing me in the right job at a great firm. He even helped me prepare for the interview process. I thank him and Flex Legal for the support.

B.A., Candidate

Brian is great at communicating and following up with potential candidates about new opportunities.

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