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Our Mission is to provide our clients and candidates with access to the best network of legal professionals, by offering highly innovative, timely, and extraordinary services with every placement we make.

Brian Mangines, Co-Founder, President

Brian is the Co-Founder/President of Flex Legal. Brian has an accomplished background in the staffing industry. He is the former owner of Auslin Legal Staffing (with offices in South Florida, Washington, DC, and Connecticut). Brian is a Past President of the Florida Staffing Association and Past Chairperson of Staff Pac. He has been designated as a ‘heavy hitter’ in the area of Human Resources by the South Florida Business Journal. Throughout his career, Brian has held many leadership positions including Chairperson of the Connecticut Bar Association’s Young Lawyers Division, Employment Law Section, and a Board Member of the Bridgeport Bar Association. He currently sits on the Foundation Board of Families First of Palm Beach County and is the Chairperson of Families First’s Legacy Planning Committee. Over the years Brian has taught and guest lectured at several colleges and universities and has spoken to various legal and civic groups on a wide range of topics including staffing, employment, estate planning, charitable giving, asset protection, as well as motivational topics. He received his undergraduate degree from Cornell University, his law degree from The University of Connecticut, and his LL.M (Masters of Law) in Estate Planning from The University of Miami, School of Law.  He is the author of the book Faith With Focus: How To Live With Passion and Rule It With Reason. 

MARIA LORD FRP, Co-Founder, Vice President

Maria is the Co-Founder/Vice President of Flex Legal. Before co-founding Flex Legal, she worked as a Paralegal for 18 years and is registered with the Florida Bar.  She graduated from the University of Central Florida with degrees in Legal Studies, Criminal Justice and Political Science. While at the University of Central Florida she served as Treasurer of Phi Alpha Delta Pre Law Fraternity.  Maria is an active member of the Paralegal Association of Florida.  She also holds a Florida real estate license. She has worked in firms of various sizes giving her keen insights into the staffing requirements of South Florida law firms both large and small. During her career she has served not only as a  paralegal but also as firm administrator handling the ins and outs of the daily law firm environment. She has excellent organizational and communication skills, and an outstanding work ethic. She has a passion for helping professionals find their dream job to enhance and enjoy their career. With a demonstrated history in the legal industry and diverse knowledge of varying practice areas, she has had incredible success throughout her career and is using that knowledge to help candidates and clients be successful in their searches.


Rocco Cioffi is the Managing Director for Flex Legal Staffing. He brings over 20 years’ experience in sales, customer service, and management. Rocco graduated from Florida Atlantic University with a Bachelor of Social Work (BSW). Prior to Flex Legal, Rocco spent 6 years as a Director for a Financial Publishing company leading a small team of just a handful employees and growing it to a team of over 200 people along with being an integral part of its IPO in 2021. In addition, Rocco has held leadership roles in a vast variety of businesses both large and small. Rocco also served in the United States Army from 2003-2009 as a Combat Medic and served as a Medic in Iraq August from 2004 – December 2005. This is where he developed his own personal mission to “Lead from the front”. Rocco is passionate about helping both clients and candidates find a true synergistic relationship.
Chris Brazis is a Professional Recruiter with 5 years of experience in Talent Acquisitions. A graduate of Florida Atlantic University, Chris earned his degree in Business Finance and has since gone on to hold several positions as a Software Engineer, Accountant, IT Recruiter, Warehouse Operations, Executive Assistant, Operations Manager, COO, CFO, Technical Support, Network Administrator, Systems Analyst, Service Desk Analyst, System Administrator, Quality Assurance Manager, and Civil Engineer. Chris also provides consulting and recruiting services to Microsoft™ through a strong referral from Search Wizards©.
‘I enjoy using the skills I’ve honed across various positions to identify qualified professionals and then match them with great career opportunities. When speaking and working with others, I take pride in having a direct impact on helping my clients achieve ever-greater success in their career journey. Improving others’ day-to-day jobs is important to me; I enjoy conversations with new people and look forward to connecting with anyone interested in making changes or taking the next step in their career.
When he’s not hustling for his clients, Chris can be found with his two young sons and family on the water – boating, fishing, snorkeling, catching fish, and swimming. A true South Florida sports enthusiast, Chris supports the Miami Heat, Florida Dolphins, and FL Panthers.

Jackie Brooks, Business Development Manager 

Jackie is a seasoned professional with over 20 years of experience in management and service. Originally from Westchester, New York, Jackie relocated as a young adult and now proudly calls the Sunshine State home. Her sincere demeanor and passion for people are what make her excel at building relationships and helping others connect. With a strong background in office and team management, Jackie’s commitment to genuine service is unparalleled. Her expertise in leadership, customer service, and problem-solving has enabled her to consistently exceed expectations and deliver outstanding results. Jackie’s drive to go above and beyond for her clients and colleagues has earned her a well-deserved reputation as a top-performing professional. We are thrilled to have her join our team as our Business Development Manager.

Jackie’s commitment to serving others doesn’t stop when she leaves work. She is an active member of her community and enjoys attending various professional and social events, always looking for new ways to connect with others and make a positive impact. When she’s not busy networking or building relationships, Jackie loves spending quality time with her husband and son, soaking up the sun at the beach, or volunteering for one of her favorite charities. Her dedication to causes like Habitat for Humanity and Restoration Bridge speaks volumes about her character and values, and we are proud to have such a compassionate and driven individual on our team. 

Hannah Zlatkiss, Marketing Strategist

With over 25 years of experience and extensive expertise in digital media, marketing, branding, and design, Hannah is a valuable asset to the Flex Legal team.

Hannah’s passion for marketing began in college where she studied Broadcast Journalism at New York University. After graduation, Hannah worked for many of the leading digital marketing agencies, where she honed her skills in branding, direct response, social media, content creation, and mar tech. Hannah and her team have worked with clients spanning every industry, including legal, retail, healthcare, and finance.

Hannah’s background in the legal industry and her expertise in marketing make her the perfect fit for Flex Legal. As Marketing Strategist, Hannah is responsible for developing and implementing marketing strategies that help the company reach new clients, enhance brand awareness, and solidify the company’s position as a leading legal staffing agency.

“I am thrilled to be on the team at Flex Legal,” said Hannah. “The legal industry is constantly evolving, and I look forward to helping the company navigate the changes and continue to provide exceptional service to its clients.

“Hannah’s marketing experience and legal industry knowledge make her the ideal person to lead our marketing efforts,” said Flex Legal President, Brian Mangines. “We are excited to have her on the team and look forward to working with her to take our marketing to the next level.”

In her free time, Hannah enjoys playing songs on the piano, growing vegetables in her garden, exploring new restaurants in New York City, and traveling to distant lands.

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K.C., Administrative Assistant Candidate

'Thank you so much for your assistance. The position is a perfect fit. I can't thank you enough.'

A.Y., Paralegal Candidate

'Other agencies should take your lead. You made this easy.'

N.G.,Paralegal Candidate

'I really like your firm and how you treat job seekers. I would recommend anyone to your office. Any candidate would be very fortunate to have you in their corner.'

I.k., Partner Client

'My partner and I were super pleased with everything Maria and Brian did to make this an easy process. We were both super happy with Flex Legal Staffing.'

S.W., Candidate

'Thank you I very much appreciate all that you have done. You are great! '

R.R., Candidate

'Flex Legal is the most professional and reliable staffing company I have ever been associated with. The whole process with Flex Legal from first contact to receiving the call about my new job offer was seamless and very smooth. 

I will recommend them to all my colleagues present and future.'

N.V., Candidate

'Thank you so much Maria and Brian for being the best at helping me find a great opportunity. I absolutely loved working with you both.'

Dana J., Client

'Maria and Brian are great to work with. They are responsive and send me qualified candidates.'

William K., Candidate

My experience was fantastic. Christopher was a phenomenal communicator and was able to provide effective advice as well as gather the proper information that presented me as a solid candidate with the firm I interviewed with. I felt truly prepped and honestly wouldn’t have killed the interview without his service. If he is typical of what your team can offer to prospective applicants then I can confidently promote your team to anyone in need of your services. Please let me know what else I can do to help make sure he gets the recognition he deserves.

Luana M., Candidate

Chris Brazis was very helpful in placing me in the right job at a great firm. He even helped me prepare for the interview process. I thank him and Flex Legal for the support.

B.A., Candidate

Brian is great at communicating and following up with potential candidates about new opportunities.

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